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    Sales and participation terms and conditions

    **** All sales are final. In the event of CANCELLATION/DELAYED/ WITHDRAWAL from the partner/participant /organizer for ANY reason, The AFRIKA TRADE SHOW AND ANW CONSULTING DON'T issue any refunds. HOWEVER, the Trade show can transfer your participation to the next edition. The participant/partner will be responsible to cover Any price difference. **** Liability clause During the Show, you have the possibility to network and bind relationships or partnerships with present structures (partners as exhibitors). Should you engage in any form of collaboration, the trade Show will not be held liable. Should any prejudices, disagreements, conflicts between the parties arise, the Trade Show and its organizing team mebers fully release all LIABILITIES. Terms and conditions • ATS/SIDD does NOT provide or coordinate YOUR advertisements designs. • Advertising and proofs can be delivered directly by email to our administrative support team. • ATS/SIDD declines all responsibility in the event of errors or damage in advertisements or other media. • Advertising contracts cannot be cancelled. They can be rescheduled depending on availability. • Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice thruough methods outlined above. If you chose to send a check, make it payable to ANW CONSULTING or in cash directly to the Afrika Trade Show SALES TEAM. EXHIBITANTS PARTICIPATION CONDITIONS: Legally registered company.